What is Matcha Tea? What Are the Benefits of Matcha Tea?

Matcha tea stands out in diet and healthy nutrition. Having an important place in Japanese tea culture Matcha tea, With the rise of healthy eating trends, it is now accessible all over the world. Famous for accelerating metabolism, Matcha tea helps to remove toxins from the body thanks to its antioxidant properties. Not just that! What is Matcha tea and what are its benefits? Matcha tea We answer the questions you wonder about.

What is nail scissors?

What is nail scissors?

Matcha tea, just like green tea, Camellia Sinensis It is produced from plant. But since Matcha tea is grown in a different way, it has more rich and unique nutrients. To protect the matcha tea from sunlight, the plants are covered 20 to 30 days before harvesting. Thus, the chlorophyll production and amino acid content of the tea plant increases.

Rich in antioxidants Matcha teaare collected by hand and carefully cleaned of stems and veins. It is then dried and turns into a fine powder. Grinding matcha tea and turning it into fine powder is a long and laborious process.

What are the benefits of nail scissors?

What are the benefits of nail scissors?

Rich antioxidant store: The detox effect of matcha tea comes from its rich antioxidant properties. Matcha tea creates a detox effect three times richer than conventional green teas. Containing antioxidants from high levels of catechin and polyphenol Matcha tea It repairs cells and plays an effective role in tissue regeneration.

Metabolizmanın ensures fast operation: Matcha tea contains high levels of caffeine. There is 35 mg of caffeine in an average of 1 gram of Matcha tea. Thanks to the metabolism stimulating effect of caffeine, you can slim down faster and make your diet progress more efficiently. Since matcha tea has almost no calories, it always appears on the diet lists.

Cholesterol lowers: Did you know that nail scissors protects heart health? Drinking Matcha tea helps to reduce triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Thus, you can protect heart health and prevent vascular occlusion.

Memory strengthens: Those who drink matcha tea say they have stronger memory. This is because Matcha tea accelerates the production of depamine and serotonin. Drinking matcha tea helps you focus better and supports a strong memory.

It reduces stress: To relax and have a stress-free day, you should order a cup of Matcha tea right away. L-theanine antioxidant in the content of matcha tea increases alpha waves in the brain. Thus, your body relaxes and relaxes as if you were sleepy. After drinking matcha tea you feel more rested.

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Garnier Moisture Bomb Paper Mask Using it once is equivalent to using a weekly moisturizing serum. The better drinking matcha tea is for your health, the better it will be to make a green tea mask for your skin. Your Garnier mask in the formula Hyaluronic Acid You will notice an intense moisturizing and lightening effect on your skin.

How is Matcha tea prepared?

How is Matcha tea prepared?

Although it is very easy to prepare matcha tea, the first try can be a bit confusing. First of all, let’s say, matcha tea powder sold in form, not in leaf form. To prepare the matcha tea, you will need the classic bamboo blender brush.

Classical Matcha tea Put a teaspoon of tea powder in your cup and slowly add boiling water to it. When adding water to nail scissors, you have to stir constantly. When you prepare your tea by mixing it with the Bamboo Matcha tea brush, you will get a foamy form.

Matcha latte To make it, you have to pour half a glass of water and half a glass of milk into a teaspoon of matcha powder. Matcha powder Don’t forget to stir constantly while adding liquids to it. You can drink matcha tea cold or hot. Bon Appetit!

Detox time

Detox time

While rewarding your body with the detox effect of matcha tea, you should not miss your face. To detox your skin L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Delicate Detox Mask We recommend that you use it. Sensitive Detox Mask contains 3 pure clay and hibiscus extract. It calms the sensitivity of the skin and adds deep moisture.

How about pampering your skin with a pure clay mask on days when your skin looks dry, dull and lifeless? As you remove the clay mask from your skin, you’ll notice how soft your face looks and how bright it looks.

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